Te hira tangata ki Waikato, ki Raukawa ki Maniapoto, ki Hauraki


Leadership In Practice Series 2


Mon 11 June - Tues 12 June
9:00am to 4:00pm
Community Waikato, 33 Victoria St, Hamilton
$220 community or $440 non-community

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Workshop details:
The practical approach to growing organisational leadership capacity and lifting engagement. 

1.    Becoming the leader
a.    Knowing self for growing your leadership
b.    Creating and maintaining trust in the workplace
c.    Creating relationships that inspire and lift engagement
d.    Connecting to the wider environment to ensure relevance and capability  

2.    How to align organisational culture/sub-cultures to strategy
a.    Creating a shared understanding of organisation’s values
b.    Building a team approach – collaboration, co-operation and leadership
c.    Creating a culture where everyone feels included

3.    How to implement change without pain
a.    Understanding the nature of resistance to change
b.    Creating a change-friendly organisational culture
c.    Knowing the right approach for the change at hand

4.    Solving the real ‘problem’
a.    Clarifying what is actually happening
b.    Knowing the actual vs perceived issue
c.    Enacting ethical decision-making

Programme outcomes 
Participants will be provided with practical ways to: grow leadership, enhance decision-making and problem solving, implement effective organisational change, align culture with strategy, and lift engagement. 

chris2-241 Professor Christopher Branson is an internationally acclaimed leadership and organisational development expert and author whose leadership and organisational learning programs have been successfully applied to all types and sizes of organisations around the world.
maureen-946 Dr Maureen Marra is a highly talented and experienced organisational development practitioner who specialises in developing the type of leadership, culture and learning that makes organisations not only successful but also great places in which to work.
"Thorough, interesting and educational – always learning"

"So easily understood – unpacked so much in understandable ways that can be used so effectively"

"Was really relevant to me in my role in middle management. Gave me some great tools to encourage and motivate the staff I work with. I particularly enjoyed the getting to know yourself session"

Enlightening, useful, practical. Insightful use of self-awareness activities"


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