Te hira tangata ki Waikato, ki Raukawa ki Maniapoto, ki Hauraki


Teams that work: How to Create High Performing Teams


21 March 2019
10:00am to 1:30pm
Community Waikato, 33 Victoria Street, Hamilton
$70 for community, or $140 non-community organisations
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Workshop details:

Workshop objectives:

It’s in our human DNA - cooperative teamwork out-performs individualism every time! But in our highly individualistic world of today we have forgotten how best to work with others. However, the recent extraordinary rescue of the boys out of the Tham Luang cave in Thailand clearly shows us what still can be achieved by highly cooperative teamwork. The same elements that ensured the success for this rescue team can be present in our work-places but this takes know-how and application. High performing teamwork won’t happen automatically or accidentally. Hence, this seminar will outline the role of the leader in fostering the essential elements that create high performing teams.

Seminar outline
1. How teams work and team membership responsibilities
2. Leadership, culture and team functioning
3. Teamwork - problem-solving and decision-making
4. Weaving together personal and team strengths
5. Organisational change and teamwork
6. Measuring success for team and organisational learning and growth

Learning outcomes
Participants will gain understanding and skills in:
1) enhancing leadership and team performance;
2) aligning team culture to organisational strategy;
3) maximising engagement;
4) developing high performing teams; 5) measuring individual and team success; and 6) applying team-based approaches to problem-solving and change.

maureen-703 Dr Maureen Marra is a highly talented and experienced organisational development practitioner who specialises in developing the type of leadership, culture and learning that makes organisations not only successful but also great places in which to work.

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