Te hira tangata ki Waikato, ki Raukawa ki Maniapoto, ki Hauraki


Dealing with Challenging Situations

17 April
9:00am to 2pm
Community Waikato, 33 Victoria St, Hamilton
$70 community or $140 non-community

Workshop details:
The aim of this workshop is to support participants to appreciate the impact that their behaviour has on others and to recognise their ability to influence the behaviour of other’s at any point in time, and to provide them with some constructive strategies for dealing with agitated individuals and challenging interactions

Content includes:
  • A crisis development model including stages of escalation – what they look like and what is happening for the person and the most appropriate approach to use with people at each stage of escalation
  • Communication skills
  • Causes and triggers
  • Managing ourselves

Karen has considerable experience in this area, having been a certified Non-violent Crisis Intervention Instructor, trained with the Professional Crisis Management Association and working in behaviour support with individuals, families and services for many years.

karen profile 5 feb 10-360 Karen Stockmann

Karen Stockmann has been an Advisor at Community Waikato since 2011.  Prior to this Karen was self employed, providing facilitation, training and development support to individuals and organisations. 
Karen trained as a teacher of people with learning disabilities at Tokanui Hospital in the mid-80’s and was part of the deinstitutionalisation movement in the late 80’s that saw people with disabilities return to their communities of origin.   She was the Chairperson of Lifestyle Trust from 2005 until 2014. Karen has also spent many years involved in school governance.
Karen has a strong belief in social justice and the importance of creating a society where everyone has the opportunity to contribute and belong in ways which are meaningful to them, with a particular interest in empowerment through information and knowledge, experiences and relationships.

Born and raised in Te Awamutu in a dairy farming family. She has three daughters and a son.
Karen’s qualifications include Teaching (intellectual disability), Bachelor of Applied Management (Strategic) and a Graduate Diploma in Not-for-profit Management.

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