Te hira tangata ki Waikato, ki Raukawa ki Maniapoto, ki Hauraki


Coaching and Mentoring

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Wednesday 6 March 2019
10:00am to 1:30pm
Community Waikato, 33 Victoria Street, Hamilton
$70 for community, or $140 non-community organisations
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Workshop details:

Workshop objectives:
To provide an overview of contemporary thinking about coaching and mentoring including:
  • defining coaching and mentoring
  • the value of quality conversations
  • how organisations learn
To encourage understanding of self as the basis of coaching/mentoring others.
To facilitate learning and participation in practical ‘how to’ exercises:
  • How to be a coach/mentor - What makes a good mentor? A good coach?
  • What skills and experience does a coach/mentor need?
  • When/where to coach or mentor?
  • The power of powerful questions – how to get the best from others
Workshop outcomes – participants to know:
  • Themselves as coaches and/or mentors and how to work better with others
  • Why and when to coach/mentor – formal and informal
  • Good coaching and mentoring practice
  • Their personalised coaching/mentoring ‘tool box’

maureen-703 Dr Maureen Marra is a highly talented and experienced organisational development practitioner who specialises in developing the type of leadership, culture and learning that makes organisations not only successful but also great places in which to work.

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