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Calling for Expressions of Interest - Speakers

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In November 2019 Community Waikato will be hosting its third regional conference in the Waikato.  This conference is for people working in Māori Development and the Community and Social Service Sector.

2015 saw our inaugural conference, ‘Rising to the Challenge’ highlight the challenges confronting our sector and the creative and effective ways organisations were working to face and overcome the many trials they encountered.

In 2017 we focused our attention on ‘Thriving in the 21st Century’.  Building on the momentum generated through the first event, this conference created a platform for exploring how we could continue to achieve positive outcomes for those we serve while remaining viable and true to our values.

Our focus in 2019 is ‘Strengthening through Stories’.   
When it comes to inspiring people to embrace a vision or change a behaviour, storytelling isn’t just better than other tools it’s the only tool that works”  Steve Denning, Head of Talent, The World Bank

The intention this year is to create an environment that will inspire and connect like-minded people and organisations through participant-driven activities and opportunities to engage with others on similar journeys.   

The conference will provide opportunities to share tools and experiences around a range of ways to strengthen our organisations by examining what has worked and what hasn’t.   The focus being on real experiences rather than just theory or ideas on their own.  We want participants to go away with practical examples and the confidence to take action.

Community Waikato are seeking expressions of interest to deliver a 30-40 minute workshop or key-note presentation.
We are looking for contributors who can share something around;
  • Why we should tell our stories
  • How we can tell our stories
  • Who we can tell our stories to
  • What stories we tell
We are particularly interested in hearing from people who can contribute in the following areas;
  • Strengthening vulnerable people in our communities
  • Strengthening marae and hapū development initiatives
  • Strengthening rural communities
  • Strengthening through collaboration and connection

Contact Anne@communitywaikato.org.nz, phone 07-2820697
Expressions of Interest need to be submitted by 31 March 2019