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Our advisors will work with your organisation one to one on the following areas.

  • Organisational Development
  • Governance
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Planning.
  • Budget and Funding
  • Employment, Management & Leadership
  • Financial Management
  • Mentoring
  • Organisational Development
You have the great idea and the passionate people. What now? Setting up your organisation is a process we can help you with. Starting with a good, strong foundation will ensure your organisation gets off to the best possible start. 

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Governance is the structure an organisation uses to set goals, monitor performance, maintain viability and ensure compliance with legal requirements and ethical standards. Read more...

Policies & Procedures

Policies are the guiding principles by which an organisation is run. Procedures outline how the organisation will give effect to the policy- the actual steps to follow to put the policies into action. Read more...


Planning helps groups to establish attainable goals and sets out who and how they will achieve them. It helps to identify potential  problems, communicate plans to stakeholders and guide the organisation to work towards a common vision. Read more...

Budget and Funding

Before you apply for funding you need to develop a budget. Read more...

Employment, Management & Leadership

Good management of any organisation requires leadership, sound policies and processes, a clear understanding of the difference between governance and management and the ability to inspire and support staff and volunteers.

Financial Management

A key aspect of ensuring your organisation is sustainable and effective is your financial management. Read more...



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