Te hira tangata ki Waikato, ki Raukawa ki Maniapoto, ki Hauraki


Financial Management

A key aspect of ensuring your organisation is sustainable and effective is your financial management.

This will include:

  • developing  an annual budget and working within it
  • having appropriate accounting systems and using them effectively
  • having a good financial policy and processes and also other relevant policies e.g. fraud, risk management
  • ensuring the committee members/trustees are able to read financial statements and ask the right questions
  • having someone with accounting knowledge providing regular oversight of your accounts

Click here to request financial managment support


Where to start looking for funding?

Department of Internal Affairs Community Funding Advisors can help you with a wide variety of information and advice.  Go to their website for information on COGS & Lottery Grants.

Your Local Council will have someone available to discuss your funding needs.

Trust Waikato is a major community funder in the greater Waikato region. They provide funding, advice and support and can be contacted at 0800 436 628. Click here to access their website or here for the  Grant Seekers Guide.

The Funding Information Service  provides access to 3 comprehensive funding databases, FundView, BreakOut and CorporateCitizens. Click here  for more information about their services.

Databases can be accessed by purchasing a license from the Funding Information Service or viewed for free at your local library.

Accountability involves two main  functions  

These are:

  • reporting back to your funder
  • your paper trail
Always ensure you do follow the accountability requirements of your funder. Plan for these in advance so they don't get overlooked. Not meeting your  accountability requirements will impact on further funding. Make sure you supply your funder with all the details they require. Throughout the course of your funded project collect any reports etc and save these in your funding folder ready to include with your accountability.

Create a funding folder

Having a funding folder personalised for your organisation, and for each stream of funding you apply to and recieve simplifies the whole process. Click here to access a template.