Te hira tangata ki Waikato, ki Raukawa ki Maniapoto, ki Hauraki


Colville Social Services

Community Waikato working with Colville Social Services
Colville Social Services Collective (CSSC) is a social services provider based in the township of Colville.   Colville is a small town located 29 kilometres north of Coromandel town and is the northernmost town on the peninsula. They provide services to the upper northern communities, covering an area of approximately 30 km. Distance however, is not an accurate indicator of access for these communities, as the roads are narrow, rough and gravelled.
CSSC operates a drop in centre that is accessible to all. They keep a community library, provide Internet, phone and photocopy access. For the elderly they subsidise senior lunches and travel. They provide practical support for low income families and individuals, support families ensuring safety for children and provide activities for local youth. CSSC run adult community and education programmes including their successful annual Community Art exhibition. They keep all local residents informed about local social services, initiatives and events via news boards and their free monthly ‘Panui’.
In 2013, CSSC was a recipient of the Capability Investment Resource Funding (CIR).
Since then, Trustees have been involved in a series of training workshops facilitated by Community Waikato to strengthen their governance capacity.  Community Waikato has guided and supported CSSC in reviewing their financial management systems and funding capabilities.  They have also helped CSSC to develop their strategic and annual plan. Community Waikato also gave a Scholarship in April 2014 to the CSSC Coordinator to do a course with UNITEC, ‘Not for Profit Management Diploma’ course.
Janet Palmer, the Manager of CSSC has found Community Waikato support invaluable for her organisation.
“Community Waikato in the three years I have been employed is the ONLY organization to travel this far and deliver quality training on Governance. CSSC ‘sing praises to Community Waikato’. Being in a low socio economic area and isolated means we do not have the finances to travel for professional training. Having the workshops where all the trustees could attend has given us the knowledge to strengthen our governance to deliver key services and programmes to our communities.”