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Neema and ROC

Published on Mar 13, 2013

Neema is the solo mum of 4 kids. Fleeing the Democratic Republic of Congo amidst the ethnic wars, dangers and famine was only the first step of a long journey. In a neighboring UN refugee camp, food was scarce and water unsafe. So Neema spent a large part of these 3 years walking to and from the hospital carrying her children - made sick from food and water - which we take for granted in New Zealand. When finally told she was accepted into New Zealand, Neema was overjoyed - she would finally be able to provide to her children a future to look forward to.In New Zealand she found shelter, food and safety. Then she started setting her family up in their new life; but encountered an obstacle of a new kind - transportation. Hear her story and how the Refugee Orientation Centre was able to make a significant contribution to help her overcome an obstacle which we may take for granted...


Grateful thanks to Annick Janson from Ecosynergy Group at http://www.youtube.com/user/ecosynergygroup