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Facilitation Tool Kit

Toolkit by Lou 1
Facilitation Tool Kit

Facilitation involves one or more people helping a group to identify the goals it wants to achieve, and strengthen their capacity to achieve these goals. This tool kit has been developed to assist facilitators with their development, planning and implementation and is presented as a series of resources covering the facilitation process.


  1. What is facilitation?
  2. What is the role of the facilitator?
  3. Group facilitation techniques
  4. Communication skills
  5. Managing conflict
  6. Evaluating ideas
  7. Consensus decision making
  8. Planning to facilitate a session
  9. Facilitation preparation checklist
  10. Constructive questioning
  11. Helpful models and tips- Mind Maps
  12. Helpful models and tips- H-Form evaluation method
  13. Helpful models and tips- Iris diagram evaluation
  14. Helpful models and tips- Table for comparing groups
  15. Helpful models and tips- Glossary of facilitation terms