Te hira tangata ki Waikato, ki Raukawa ki Maniapoto, ki Hauraki


Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Thriving communities


Our Mission

Fostering the development of skills, knowledge and connections of community organisations in the Waikato region

Mission picture 2016


Our Goals

1. A voice for the Community Sector
2. Raise the profile of the community sector
3. Connect stakeholders for community purpose and benefit
4. Be relevant and responsive to the community
5. Build our Financial sustainability to facilitate greater financial independence
6. Develop a shared understanding of our place in relation to Te Tiriti

Our Values

For Community Waikato integrity means acting honestly and professionally in all our dealings with people both within the organisation and externally. It means each of us accepting personal responsibility for putting our values into practice. Integrity respects the organisation and its work and brings honour through action and attitude. It means being courageous in our dealings with people and situations; being courageous in asking hard questions and in giving hard messages to organisations and groups to support them. It means maintaining unity/wholeness in our approach and our direction and being accountable. It forms the basis of and is an integral part of our relationships.

Social Justice 
Community Waikato works to support inclusiveness, equity, the upholding of human rights, dignity and justice through its support of community organisations that are benefitting their own communities and adding value to the public good. Social justice is at the basis of our strengths based practice and our advocacy for a society that values people and ensures that all people have opportunities and are able to use them to participate, lead fulfilling and useful lives and feel they belong. 

Community Waikato believes that working together with other organisations towards a shared goal, or encouraging community organisations to collaborate towards achieving a good outcome for their community can achieve greater results than one organisation working alone. To be successful collaboration requires good relationships and trust and one reason we support networking is that it has proved to create a space for building relationships, sharing ideas, agreeing on common goals and considering collaborative work. 
To express manaakitanga is to behave in a mana enhancing way towards ourselves and each other.  We are aware of mana, our own and others.  

Develop and maintain a united purpose and direction.The expression of kotahitanga will allow us to avoid approaches and decisions that will cause division and disharmony.  

Preservation o nga taonga tuku iho (tikanga/kawa), e.g., Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Te Reo Maori. Accountability to ourselves, Community Waikato, and other stakeholders.

Empowering hapu development is the development of whanau, with the vision of achieving rangatiratanga ‘capacity to manage their own self-determined destiny’.