Te hira tangata ki Waikato, ki Raukawa ki Maniapoto, ki Hauraki



Trust Waikato CE and Trustees identified a need for an organisation that could build the capacity of the social service sector in the Waikato. They saw a need to provide the sector with training, showcase best practice, and provision of advisors to lend a hand.

So, they got to work, and in 2001 a foundation board was finalised, trust deed written, and by 2002 the first staff were appointed.

This new organisation was called the Social Services Trust, which later was rebranded to become known as Community Waikato. The name Community Waikato better reflects the broad sector we work with including those working in Māori Development, Community and the Social Service Sector. The organisations we work with provide care, support, education, and advocacy services for people in our communities.

The work of Community Waikato is the provision of capability and capacity strengthening services. 

Our Logo- why a tree?

ti touka-898-141 The Ti Kouka tree is the symbol we use to represent our organisation and our work. Ti Kouka are distinctive, useful, beautiful, adaptable, strong and versatile. They can acclimatise themselves to local conditions growing almost anywhere and can provide a range of resources including tools, clothing, shelter, medicine, food and fuel. Like footprints in the landscape they are also distinctive markers or signposts across the countryside.

We chose this tree as our symbol because of the way it reflects our organisational values and the way we work to nurture, guide, support, empower, resource and grow our community organisations.

How we work - recognising your expertise

We work alongside groups and organisations understanding that you are the experts in what you do. We bring the resources and processes and the groups we work with hold the experience, knowledge and wisdom. Together we build on your strengths and develop your capacity.

What we do

Our Advisory team provides one-to-one advice, support and information on governance, management, strategic and operational planning, employment, resource development, legal structures, policy development, financial systems and funding, planning new services, projects and events and the myriad of other issues that come up for community groups. We tailor support and training to fit the needs of the organisations. We work with management and staff, volunteers and/or the board.

Opportunities we provide

Community Waikato offers training and professional development based on the needs that the people in the sector have
identified. This takes the form of workshops delivered by Community Waikato Staff, clubs, forums, roadshows and workshops delivered by external facilitators. 

We are fund managers for the Tindall Foundation and the Len Reynolds Trust. We are an advocate for the sector, we make submissions, we provide information and we run forums on issues that are important to the sector.

Peer support is important in our sector because people often work alone, the work is demanding, has many different layers
and a multitude of challenges. We support peer networks and these networks help build strong relationships and assist in
collaboration between groups. Out of that grows the opportunity for creating change, development and greater impact through organisations working together towards shared outcomes.

We connect people, broker relationships and encourage our sector to collaborate. This has resulted in a number of initiatives
where we are working with our sector locally, regionally, and nationally on projects designed to benefit communities and sector organisations as we work together towards thriving, connected and inclusive communities.